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VCC Songwriter's Round

Group type: Unique Group
Schedule: SECOND Wednesday of the Month from 7pm-9pm
Neighborhood: Marietta Season: Fall Regularity: Monthly Group Attributes: Wednesday Group
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The VCC Songwriter's Round is a group focused on providing community for creatives who write music, lyrics, or both. It is a space to share what you have been working on as well as co-create with each other. Bring your songbooks, voice memos, and instruments every week. Rather than one person taking the stage at a time, everyone will be encouraged to play with the person sharing. So if you do not have any material yet, or it has been a while, but you are passionate about songwriting, still come! You have so much to offer those who are presenting songs. Creativity is like character: The more you surround yourself with it, the more you have.  I am so excited to see what comes out of our times together and can't wait to create with you!

Upcoming Dates:
September 13th 7-9pm
October 11th 7-9pm
November 8th 7-9pm
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  • Rachel Noel